HNRS 1210 Freshman Honors Seminar

Topic: “Worldview: Basis of a Philosophy of Life”

Professor: Reggie E. Ecarma, Ph.D.
Office Hours: MW 12-1,TR 2:30-4:15; Classrm: Avery-101 Monday 4:30-6:30pm
Office in MC108 (in Mass Communication suite in Student Center)
Telephone: (864) 977-7139; Email:;
Web site:; Blog;


Colson, C. & Pearcey, N. (1999). How now shall we live? Carol Stream, Il: Tyndale.

Course Rationale

As part of the Honors program, this course is designed to strengthen opportunities to meet the needs of advanced and gifted students in order for the students to realize their fullest potential.

Course Description

As an interdisciplinary seminar focusing on the topic “Worldview and Philosophy of Life,” this seminar is designed to introduce the student to the concept of worldview as the ultimate basis of one’s philosophy of life.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Define worldview and identify at least two major worldviews.
2. Analyze the following question inherent in each worldview: (a) human origin; (b) source of human condition; and (c) remedy for human maladies.
3. Define dualism and explain why dualism is detrimental to living an integrated Christian life.
4. Identify major philosophers and philosophical movements, which have contributed to major worldviews.
5. Identify legal, medical, educational, sociological, scientific and public policy implications for each worldview.
6. Outline the major components of a personal worldview.
7. Demonstrate mastery of the text.
8. Analyze the application of Christian worldview to evangelism.

Grading Scale:
90-100 = A; 80-89.9 = B; 70-79.9 = C; 60-69.9 = D; below 60 = F

Requirements: Grading will be based on the successful and timely completion of: (1) Unit Assessments (4 assessments x 7% = 28%); (2) News Project (10%); (3) Class Participation/Papers (25%); (4) History Quiz (7%); (5) Life Philosophy paper/Final Exam (30%). Specifics of each are prescribed below:

(1) Unit Assessments (28%) – A question or questions will be assigned to be completed for each unit to encourage reading and analysis (7 points each).
(2) History Quiz (7%)
(3) Class Participation (25%) – Attendance and participation is required; this includes submission of movie and lecture reviews and critiques (2 points each).
(4) News Project (10%) – Each student will select 10 articles from print media or Internet news sources. After reading each article, the student is to complete an analysis sheet (attached) for each article.
(5) Life Philosophy Paper (Final Exam, 30%) – Each student will prepare a 5 to 7 page typed paper that addresses worldview and his/her philosophy of life. The instructions for the paper will be distributed prior to Thanksgiving. This paper will constitute your family exam.

Attendance (absence and tardiness)

Class attendance is required. Every effort must be made to attend each class unless there is a serious extenuating circumstance. Unexcused absences are discouraged and will be penalized. For each unexcused absence, 2 points will be deducted from your final grade. If you must be absent, you should contact the instructor to seek an excused absence and to make provision for any missed assignment. All unexcused absence must have authoritative documentation. If a student has two unexcused absences, an XF warning will be sent. After two absences, a student will receive an XF. If the student is tardy in arriving for class, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor of his/her arrival; one tardy equals 1/3 of an absence and 1 point off the final total.

Class Schedule and Format: This course will consist of 10. The first session will be devoted to orientation to the Honors program and introduction to the course. One session will be devoted to the “Freshman Experience.” Eight of the sessions will focus on worldview, personal philosophy, and academic and life application. These sessions will include: (1) introductory remarks concerning an aspect of worldview; (2) presentation by special guest lecturers; (3) application of worldview to a philosophy of life; (4) application of worldview to life issues and evangelism; and (5) discussion of making your experience at North Greenville a successful component in achieving your life goal.

Academic Irregularity and Sanctions:
Violations of the Student Conduct Code such as cheating plagiarism will result in sanctions deemed appropriate for the offense. Possible sanctions include:
1. Assignment failures: a grade of “zero” for the assignment involved.
2. Course failure: a grade of “F” for the course in which the offense occurred.
3. Forced withdrawal: withdrawal without credit from the college for a period of one semester.
4. Expulsion: termination of student status for an indefinite period of time.

Policy Concerning Students with Disabilities

Any student having an identified learning disability or other handicap that might effect academic performance should complete the form available in the Learning Disabilities Liaison Office.

Learning Accommodations: If a student requires learning accommodations, please see the instructor.

Freshman Honors Seminar (tentative schedule)*

Clarifications and Schedule

Grading Scale:
98-100 = A+ 92-97.9=A 90-91.9=A-
88-89.9=B+ 82-87.9=B 80-81.9=B-
78-79.9=C+ 72-77.9=C 70-71.9=C-
68-69.9=D+ 62-67.9=D 60-61.9=D-

*professor reserves the right to change the schedule)
Wk 1 8/23 Course Overview; discuss assessments 1-4, news projects and final exam; discuss Biblical and historical documents
Wk 2 8/30 Ms. Van Riper discusses Freshman essentials/Orientation to the honors program
Wk 3 9/6 No class
Wk 4 9/14 Attend fall cook out at Dr. Dowless home at 5 p.m.
Wk 5 9/20 Intro. to Christian Worldview (Part 1 Worldview, ch. 1-4); Explain & distribute Assessment 1; historical documents quiz
Wk 6 9/27 Assessment 1 (from Pt. 1 Worldview) due, discuss; explain assessment 2 and discuss Pt. 2 Creation, ch. 5-9
Wk 7 10/4 Guest Speaker; Ron Marks, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Science Division, “Creation, Evolution & Consequences” in relation to Colson ch. 7-14
Wk 8 10/11 Fall Break
Wk 9 10/18 Assessment 2 (from Pt. 2 Creation) due; discuss; view movie Expelled; explain assessment 3 and reading of Pt. 3 Fall, ch. 15-21
Wk 10 10/25 Discuss Pt. 3 Fall ch. 15-21 (Guest Speaker: Dean Walter Johnson, Ph.D.), review assessment 3
Wk 11 11/1 Assessment 3 due, discuss; discuss assessment 4 and Pt. 4 Redemption, ch. 22-29
Wk 12 11/8 Discuss Pt. 5 Restoration, ch. 30-38 or Guest Speaker: Jon Boulet, Ph.D), News project due, discussion
Wk 13 11/16 Panel discussion: Political consequences of the November 2010 Mid-term
Elections (related to Pt. 3-5: The Fall, Redemption, Restoration
Wk 14 11/22 Assessment 4 due, discuss; discuss final paper; discuss Pt. 4 Restoration
Wk 15 11/29 View movie Luther (include in final paper); review Pt. 1 Worldview
Wk 16 12/6 Final paper due at 4:30pm
View movie Amazing Grace (2 pts.; review Pt. 2 Creation & Pt. 3 Redemption)

*Professor reserves the right the change the schedule and syllabus at any time.

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